Ayla Brook & the Soundmen.  ©Eric Kozakiewicz Photography

“There’s a humbling sense of community and musical honesty adding to the organic aura. Brook is a wonderful songwriter and an even better vocalist.” Exclaim!

Ayla Brook (pronounced Ey–Lah) makes music as raw and vast as the Canadian Prairies. From his beginnings in Lily Plain, Saskatchewan, to successful records recorded with AA Sound System, to now his solo work, Ayla has never wavered from his original vision of honest roots rock.

That vision is brilliantly captured on Desolation Sounds, produced by Terra Lightfoot and mixed by Jon Auer of The Posies and Big Star fame. It’s a collection of songs and stories about friends and family, bursting with rock and soul and the western charm that has become the band’s trademark.

That was proven when the band was named Roots Artist of the Year at the 2018 Edmonton Music Awards, the capper to a full summer of folk and indie music festivals. Whether they’re packing dance floors in honky tonks or in rock clubs soaked in wine and whiskey, Ayla Brook & The Sound Men deliver a tapestry of hurtin’ and feelin’ tunes about life on and off the barstools.

The Sound Men are:
Ayla Brook (Electric Guitar)
Johnny Blerot (Keyboard & Accordion)
Sean Brewer (Acoustic Guitar)
Chris Sturwold (Drums)
Brent Oliver (Bass)
Ayla Brook & the Soundmen.  ©Eric Kozakiewicz Photography